My name is John Turner and I’m the Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Advene Health Group. I am also a recovering addict. I grew up in a great middle class family that provided me with every opportunity to excel in many avenues in life, particularly with sports. I’ve had the pleasure to compete nationally as an adolescent for the National Team Development Program for Ice Hockey, which turned into minor pro as a late teenager where I could develop and decide to go to college on a scholarship or turn pro and enter the NHL draft. Although, my final year of minor pro was riddled with unexpected injuries causing multiple surgeries, and ending in a catastrophic wrist injury and finalizing my hockey career before it was even truly started. Determined to succeed I decided to move to Lake Placid where I had gone to prep school earlier in life, and decided to pick up speed skating, as my lower body came out of hockey intact. I trained for three months just so I wouldn’t regret the opportunity and made the team/program. I was able to skate in two World Cup seasons and was part of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turino, Italy in the alternate program. When the Olympics ended I became too old to compete in the program and completely lost my direction. Within two years I was an overdosing junky that didn’t play top professional hockey or compete in the Olympics, and I turned to opiates and other substances to mask these feelings.

After about two to three years of heavy/active addiction and multiple overdoses, I attended inpatient treatment in Delray Beach, Florida but immediately relapsed after a two month stay. That’s when I found Advene Health Group and their Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program. After a detailed assessment I began the Suboxone program and actively participated in mandatory therapy and 12 step sessions. After about a year in the program, I was able to lower the dosages of my medication and ultimately graduated from the program as well as developing a better understanding of myself. I have now been sober and back on track with my life, completing college and beginning a new career for over six years now.