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Our Mission Statement:

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Advene Health Group is a mission driven, comprehensive community provider of culturally sensitive mental health and substance abuse services. The Advene Health Group goal is for skilled medical and behavioral healthcare professionals to support citizens of all ages and their families with the greatest opportunity for recovery, independence and the highest quality of life. We are committed to using the most current best practices and effective, research-based treatment programs to assist all citizens working toward achieving optimum health and recovery.

Our mission here at Advene Health Group is to help people heal and free their lives from the shackles of the addiction disease. We are a dynamic, responsive healthcare organization committed to raising the standard din comprehensive addiction treatment and providing an unsurpassed treatment experience for our clients. The dignity, rights and confidentiality of our patients are vital and paramount to our core beliefs. We believe that as long as an alcoholic or addict is alive, there is hope for healing. We act with the certainty that our every contact with a practicing addict may be that individual’s last, best chance at recovery and that every crisis is an opportunity to bring a person into recovery. Each staff member here at Advene Health Group understands the necessary factors involved in successfully overcoming an addiction and we are here to help educate our patients, and provide the informational and medical resources they need.

If you or someone you know is in need of specialized care to help them with a mental illness issue or a substance abuse problem, don’t hesitate to contact us today.